Dems Abroad to host webinar on Social Security benefits available for Americans resident outside U.S.

Many Americans who are resident overseas are unaware that they are eligible for Social Security benefits; others know that they are, but don't know much more than that.

With this in mind, the Democrats Abroad is sponsoring a free webinar next Thursday (Dec. 3), to help boost understanding of exactly what American expats can expect from Uncle Sam when they reach retirement age.

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Departures announced of Treasury's 'Chip' Harter, SEC's Jay Clayton

Lafayette G. "Chip" Harter, deputy assistant Treasury secretary for international tax affairs since 2017, is to leave his post at the end of this month, according to press reports.

Also set to leave his post, by year's end, is Security and Exchange Commission Jay Clayton, the SEC confirmed in a statement this week.

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Frustration for France's Américains Accidentels as FATCA reciprocity amendment fails to advance

A planned amendment to a bill currently making its way through France's legislature that would have mandated a change in an existing FATCA "intergovernmental agreement" currently in place between France and the U.S. – which would have obliged the U.S. to provide the same information to France about its citizens' U.S. bank accounts that France forwards to the U.S. about French accounts held by American citizens – was withdrawn at the last minute on Friday. 

Webinar: 'Sales tax issues for global e-commerce companies that sell to U.S.-based customers'

In June, 2018, cross-border tax experts issued their first warnings that a then-just-passed U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in a case known as South Dakota v. Wayfair, would have far-reaching effects on e-commerce businesses that sold their products across U.S. state borders – including those selling into the U.S. from abroad.

As predicted, the decision has left many business owners around the world scratching their heads – and seeking advice.

American YouTube comedy star builds global following as he explores strange-but-true life of being a U.S. expat

A bespectacled, 30-year-old American expat who isn't afraid of acting silly or making faces in front of a camera – as long as it's likely to elicit laughs – is finding a rapidly-growing audience among his American peers around the world, as he examines the myriad and often unbelievable complications of being a U.S. person who is resident outside of the United States.

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