Uncle Sam wants YOU… to vote!

Many overseas Americans – even more, in percentage terms, than their homeland counterparts – don’t vote.  A common attitude among such expats is expressed by one thirtysomething New Yorker, who was raised abroad and now lives in London, who says, “New York doesn’t need my vote. I’m a Democrat, like everyone else there. If I did vote, the outcome would be exactly the same as if I didn’t.”  

Others think their ballots won’t be counted. Still others aren’t even aware that they are eligible to vote, especially if they’ve been away from the States for many years, or even grew up abroad.

2020 Election: Where the candidates stand on the key expat financial, tax, citizenship issues

With the New Hampshire Democratic Primary set for next Tuesday, and, as reported, the Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary scheduled for March 3 to 10, expats are increasingly desperate to know where the candidates stand on such key issues as FATCA, citizenship-based taxation and President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

None of the candidates thus far, however, has shown quite the same level of enthusiasm for going on the record in detail with respect to their positions on such topics...

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