Dutch 'accidental American' in €4,269 crowd-funding effort to renounce

A 34-year-old, U.S.-born Dutchman who came to the Netherlands with his parents 29 years ago, and never left, has posted a GoFundMe.com petition, in an effort to raise the €4,269 he has calculated that he needs to renounce his American citizenship – because, he says, he would struggle to be able to to do it otherwise. 

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Dutch finance minister confirms banks don't need American clients' TINs for now, but questions remain

Dutch finance minister Johannes "Hans" Vijlbrief has responded to more than 20 questions posed to him by three Dutch lawmakers last month, on behalf of so-called "accidental Americans" resident in the Netherlands who have been struggling to maintain their Dutch bank accounts, by insisting that it would be "premature for banks to close, block or freeze" the bank accounts of such dual Dutch/American clients now, just because these clients had failed to provide these Dutch banks with a U.S. "Tax Information Number (typically a Social Security number). 

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Frozen bank accounts latest: Dutch MPs submit questions on 'accidental American' issues to Treasury officials

Dutch Parliamentarians have submitted a list of some 25 questions on the subject of "banks that, in response to the U.S. FATCA legislation, are refusing to provide services to Dutch nationals who also have American citizenship" to the country's treasury minister and deputy treasury minister, in the latest development in a long-running issue about how non-U.S. financial institutions should handle the accounts of those of their 'accidental American' clients who lack so-called tax information numbers (TINs). 

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