Accidental Americans group to UK banks: how many U.S./dual citizen clients at risk of losing accounts in 2020?

A Paris-based organization representing so-called “accidental Americans” is calling on Britain’s banks to say how many of their U.S. citizen clients are believed not to have “Tax Information Numbers”, and therefore may be asked to give up their U.K. bank accounts as a grace period on the need for these banks to report these TINs to the U.S. ends at the end of this year.

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U.K. MP seeks to draw Boris Johnson into 'accidental American' debate

Preet Kaur Gill, a British Labour Party member of Parliament from the greater Birmingham area, has formally asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to detail his plans with respect to standing up for so-called "accidental Americans" living in Britain – as he was himself, until renouncing his citizenship in 2016 – on behalf of one of her U.S.-born-but-British constituents.

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Europe’s ‘accidental Americans' react to EU commissioner’s FATCA letter response

 American expats who have been calling on governments across Europe – and on the EU itself – to rally on their behalf against what they say is the unfair burden of being expected to comply with the U.S.’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act have been reacting with disappointment today to a letter from a key EU politician that they say shows their struggles still aren’t being acknowledged.

FATCA expert sees challenges for 'accidentals,' as Moscovici seen reflecting int'l consensus

Accidental Americans in Europe and elsewhere may not want to hear it, but a top personal tax expert – with the high-end, London-based Withers law firm – has said European politician Pierre Moscovici's recent response to the struggles such "accidentals" have been having with the difficulties they face as a result of the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is actually "in line" with the direction of international tax policy efforts.

Accidental Americans' latest: Dutch EU parliamentarian writes to Moscovici

European Parliamentarian Sophie in 't Veld has called on French politician Pierre Moscovici to ensure that the European Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs – which he heads up – “starts taking [the problems that Accidental Americans are facing in Europe because of FATCA] seriously,” and “stops hiding behind excuses."

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European Banking Federation in complaint about FATCA enforcement burden

The head of the Brussels-based European Banking Federation, which represents some 3,500 banks across Europe, has warned U.S. Treasury officials that American expats may continue to struggle to get and keep bank accounts if something isn't done to address the problems his organization's members still face in their efforts to implement the American tax evasion law known as FATCA.

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