American Citizens Abroad updates its online tax services directory

American Citizens Abroad, the non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Rockville, Maryland that exists to help Americans who live overseas, has unveiled its "updated" online Expat Tax Services Directory, almost exactly six months before American expats are expected to have filed their 2019 tax returns. 

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ACA podcast No. 2: Gov't Accountability Office FATCA report, and targeting of 'tax avoidance enablers'

"Material omissions" from a major U.S. Government Accountability Office report on FATCA earlier this year, along with warnings about an apparently growing trend by tax authorities to target tax advisers as well as their clients when prosecuting alleged tax evasion cases, are among the topics addressed in the American Citizens Abroad's second monthly podcast, which went live earlier this week.

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IRS to non-U.S. banks: 'You don't need to close accounts of Americans whose TINs you don't have after all'

Under pressure from European banks in particular, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has issued clarification with respect to a FATCA requirement that "foreign financial institutions" be obliged to provide the so-called Taxpayer Identification Numbers of their American clients from January, 2020 onward, which tax experts say means that banks now won't have to close the accounts of their TIN-lacking "accidental American" clients at the end of this year.

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American Citizens Abroad responds to IRS 'procedures' with re-issue of call for Same Country (FATCA) Exemption

The American Citizens Abroad has officially welcomed the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's announcement last Friday of a set of "new procedures" that it said would enable "certain" expatriates to avoid key taxes normally associated with renouncing, but renewed its call for a "Same Country Exemption" to the FATCA regulations – which are the reasons "certain" expatriates are in need of the IRS's help in the first place – to be be introduced.

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