Nine additional speakers added to DAUK Tax Day line-up

Nine additional speakers – including American Citizens Abroad's legal counsel Charles Bruce, Dunhill Financial's Brian Dunhill, and Waverton Investment Management director Andrew Vaughan-Payne – have been added to the line-up for the Democrats Abroad U.K.'s  first-ever "Tax Day" next month.

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Events listing

A regular listing of events taking place around the world, and online, for American expatriates.  

YouTube: 'Americans abroad: Should you give up your citizenship?' Aaron Katsman and John Richardson discuss the pros and cons of renunciation

Aaron Katsman is president and chief executive of Lighthouse Capital, a boutique wealth management firm based in Jerusalem, Israel; John Richardson is a Toronto-based citizenship lawyer and campaigner on behalf of American expat issues, who is himself an American. In this 18-and-a-half minute video, Katsman interviews Richardson on the reasons more Americans are (apparently, according to what data exists) renouncing their citizenships, and what those considering renouncing need to know. To view the video, click here. 


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Belgium’s Dunhill Financial opens Florida outpost

Dunhill Financial, a Brussels-based advisory firm which specialises in looking after American expatriate clients, has opened an outpost in the U.S., to look after Americans who are returning home after spending time abroad, as well as non-Americans moving to the States for the first time.

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Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Nov. 3, the date of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, is two weeks and one day away. Many expats will have voted by now, but for those who haven't –...