'Gwen and Kazia' launch appeal to July FATCA ruling in Canadian court

Two dual Canadian/U.S. citizen plaintiffs in a long-running legal effort to block Canada’s implementation of the U.S.’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act have launched an appeal in Canadian Federal Court in Ottawa, after their most recent attempt to challenge the law was dismissed in July. 

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Canadian court is latest to reject FATCA legal challenge

A Federal Court in Ottawa on Monday dismissed the latest legal effort by two dual Canadian/U.S. citizens to block Canada’s implementation of the U.S.’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, dealing a blow to thousands of Americans with dual citizenship and consequent tax obligations not just in Canada but, supporters of the plaintiffs argue, around the world.

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UK turns down U.S.-born Brit's FATCA FOI request, after Canada, Oz obliged their citizens

UK officials have twice turned down a Freedom of Information request filed by a U.S. born British citizen who was interested in knowing the “extent of…the annual disclosure of British taxpayer information to the US Internal Revenue Service, as per FATCA’s requirements" – even though similar requests to the Canadian and Australian governments were recently granted, The American Expat Financial News Journal has learned.

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Appeal predicted, as Canada FATCA trial ends, 'no matter who wins'

 As last week's trial over the constitutionality of the Canadian government's enforcement of America’s FATCA legislation ended on Friday, the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS), which brought the case on behalf of two individual plaintiffs, said an appeal would ultimately follow, "no matter who wins."

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Events listing

The American Expat Financial News Journal's regular listing of events taking place
around the world, and online, for American expatriates.

Tuesday, May 17 through Friday, May 20: AmCham Hong Kong Tech Week – 'The Business of Web3': 

This four-day event, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, will endeavor, it's said, to answer participants' questions as to how companies are unlocking new technologies to create new opportunities. The event is described by AmCham as "a practical series" designed to showcase how businesses are making real advances with new technologies. Each of the four days of the event will focus on a specific area of tech, beginning with Blockchain, on Tuesday, May 17; Cryptocurrency on Wednesday, May 18; NFTs on Thursday May 19, and the Metaverse on Friday, May 20. 

The first three days are "virtual" events, while the final day will feature an "in-person" session. Tickets for each of the first three sessions are HK$120 each for members, and HK$250 each for non-members; tickets for the final day are HK$200, for AmCham HK members and invited guests only. 

The event is described as being intended for, but not limited to, "AmCham members and employees of corporate members (mainly in non-tech roles) who would like to know more about how Web3 will drive the economy and benefit their businesses; university students, and more".

More information about the event, including the sponsors, partners and speakers, may be found on the AmCham Hong Kong website, by clicking here. 

Monday, May 23: Congress's Americans Abroad Caucus is to hold a "meeting" on the subject of Americans abroad and their tax and financial access issues: Details not immediately available, but expats are being urged to ask their members of Congress to attend. The meeeting will not be open to the public. 

Wednesday, May 25 (5pm BST): Investment Webinar, sponsored by London-based MASECO Private Wealth, and featuring Damian Barry, who joined MASECO as chief investment officer earlier this year...

Barry will be joined by MASECO co-founder and managing partner James Sellon, and Jason Hsu, founder and CIO of Rayliant Global Advisors and co-founder of Research Affiliates. Among the topics they'll address will be "Factor-based Investing," a subject that Hsu is well known in the academic and institutional community for being on the cutting edge of. 

Those wishing to register their interest in signing up for the webinar are invited to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To read about Damian Barry and his arrival at MASECO Private Wealth, click here.

Wednesday, May 25 (6:30pm – 7:30pm, BST): Democrats Abroad UK Tax Committee-sponsored online Zoom webinar: '"Financial Planning 101," featuring Dunhill Financial's Brian Dunhill, and Everfair Tax managing director and head of private client tax services Gillian Everall

This roughly hour-long session will aim to cover the basics of financial planning for Americans who live in the UK, addressing such issues as how a UK-resident American can save; invest; and plan for the future, while having to comply with both the U.S. and UK tax regimes; how to manage one's finances, with a non-U.S. spouse; how to save for one's dual U.S./UK citizen child's future; and so on.

The session is especially aimed at those American expats who are fairly new to the UK, or who have lived abroad for some time but have never taken the time until now to address their savings/retirement-planning needs; or even those who might have a pretty good understanding of the situation, but who have a question about a specific issue they'd like to have answered. (A Q&A session will begin around 7pm.)

Those planning to attend are asked to send any questions they're hoping to ask in advance, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The (non-refundable) cost to participate in the webinar is US$12.50, with concessions available at US$7.50; those unable to attend may buy a recording ticket. The event is closed to the press. For more information and to register, click here. 

Tuesday, May 31 (6pm CET): Annual General Meeting of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, Reid Hall's Salle de Conference, 4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006, Paris 

The AGM is open to all AARO members "in good standing," who are welcome to attend free of charge. A cocktail reception will immediately follow the business meeting, and a guest speaker, who is yet to be announced. 

All reservations to attend the AGM must be received by 5pm CET on May 25. Information and a link to sign up may be found on the AARO website by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 1 (6pm – 7pm, BST): 'Meet the Taxpayer Advocate Service', a free online webinar, aimed at educating American expats around the world about the existence of TAS, an independent organization within the IRS that exists specifically to help U.S. taxpayers resolve their tax problems; this event is being hosted by the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, another IRS body 

This webinar is designed to be an introduction to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, for those who aren't familiar with it, but who may need it. It's described as being for anyone who may have "received a penalty notice" from the IRS, and you doesn't know what to do; who "tried to contact the IRS about an issue and the IRS hasn't resolved it yet"; who is "facing significant financial hardship" and will struggle to meet their tax obligations as a result; or who has had "an IRS system or procedure fail to resolve [their tax-related] issue." 

"Generally, TAS helps taxpayers whose issues fall into one of these main categories: financial hardship; an IRS system issue; [or an issue having to do with] fair and equitable treatment," according to a TAS item about the scheduled webinar. 

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, which is hosting this webinar, is a group of around 75 volunteers who, during their three-year terms, work with IRS staff to help American taxpayers in the districts they represent to navigate their way through the IRS, while also helping the IRS to identify ways that it may improve its delivery of services to taxpayers. 

For information on the webinar and details to sign up to participate, click here.

To see a one-minute YouTube video on the Taxpayer Advocate Service, click here.

If your company or organization has an event coming up that you'd like to have listed here, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Long-awaited Canada FATCA trial kicks off on Monday, with 'live webcast'

A trial in which a group of Canadian/American citizens are seeking to challenge the constitutionality of the Canadian government's enforcement of America’s FATCA legislation is set to begin on Monday in a federal courthouse in Vancouver, British Columbia, and will be broadcast live via a "webcast", according to sources involved in the lawsuit.

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