Dems Abroad to host webinar on Social Security benefits available for Americans resident outside U.S.

Many Americans who are resident overseas are unaware that they are eligible for Social Security benefits; others know that they are, but don't know much more than that.

With this in mind, the Democrats Abroad is sponsoring a free webinar next Thursday (Dec. 3), to help boost understanding of exactly what American expats can expect from Uncle Sam when they reach retirement age.

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Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Nov. 3, the date of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, is two weeks and one day away. Many expats will have voted by now, but for those who haven't – or those who did, but who aren't all that sure of their chosen candidate's views on such issues as taxes that affect Americans who live outside of the U.S. – Bright!Tax managing partner Katelynn Minott assesses the options, and what the implications for expats of the two outcomes are likely to be...

Dems Abroad invites expat responses to new CARES Act survey

The Democrats Abroad has unveiled an online survey to determine how well the U.S. CARES Act "stimulus payments", introduced earlier this year in response to the Covid pandemic, have served expats needs – and is inviting expats around the world to take it.

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Joe Biden to Americans abroad: we'll "work...with you" on the issues impacting your lives

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has at last acknowledged the American expatriate voter, with a letter "to all Americans Residing Abroad" in which he pledges that a Biden-Harris administration would "work in partnership with you on all the issues that impact your lives and well-being as Americans resident abroad, including reviewing the barriers to accessing banking and financial services".

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Democrats Abroad responds to RO letter to Meadows; Biden camp still silent

The Democrats Abroad has forcefully rebutted arguments contained in a letter its Republican counterpart organization sent last week to President Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, in which the Republicans Overseas called on Meadows to use an executive order to address some of the key tax issues U.S. expats have been struggling with.

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OPINION: The SEAT approach to residence-based taxation: 'Begin with the end in mind'

OPINION: The SEAT approach to residence-based taxation: 'Begin with the end in mind'

Convincing Congress and the Biden Administration of the need for the U.S. to move to a "residence-based" system of taxation is the No. 1 focus of American expatriate advocacy groups...