Tweede Kamer hearing outcomes: Dutch data protection authority to be asked to revisit FATCA; Dutch banks to be asked not to close accounts

Dutch Tax Affairs and Tax Administration secretary Marnix van Rij said on Wednesday that he plans to ask – for a second time – that the country's data protection authority, known as the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, or AP, revisit the U.S. tax law known as FATCA, in view of significant data protection concerns that were first raised in 2020 by the European Court of Justice's striking down of the main mechanism that EU member states have traditionally relied on to protect the personal data of their citizens.

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Latest Greenback Tax survey finds more U.S. expats considering renouncing their citizenships, as tax filing frustrations remain unaddressed

Around 26% of some 3,200 American expats living in 121 countries around the world say they are either definitely "planning to renounce" their U.S. citizenships or are "seriously considering" doing so – with most citing the tax issues they, as U.S. expats, are obliged to deal with as the reason, according to  summary of the findings of Greenback Expat Tax Services' latest annual survey.

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EU pushback on FATCA continues, as expats look for signs of commitment to their tax frustrations as election approaches

Following on from a written commitment made back in February by France's economy minister, Bruno Le Maire to the head of a France-based "accidental American" advocacy group – in which Le Maire stated that issues relating to the American law known as FATCA would be a priority during France's six-month Council of the European Union presidency, which began in January – a debate on the subject is now scheduled to take place in the Dutch House of Representatives (known as the Tweede Kamer) next week.

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IRS reported to 'welcome' EU Council prez proposal for an 'accidental American' bank accounts fix

U.S. Treasury officials meeting last week with representatives of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFUE) have been said to "welcome" an EU proposal that would address the major problems so-called "accidental American" EU citizens have been having in trying to obtain and keep bank accounts in their home countries, due to these banks' efforts to comply with the 2010 U.S. tax evasion-prevention law known as FATCA.

What expats should know about the Taxpayer Advocate Service

In 2015, just as non-U.S. banks and financial services entities around the world began complying with the U.S. tax evasion prevention law known as FATCA – and in so doing, kicked off a tax-reporting nightmare for U.S. expats that continues – the U.S. Internal Revenue Service closed the last four of its overseas offices, citing an unavoidable need to cut costs... 

Dutch news website picks up on anti-FATCA feeling in Europe

An English-language news website based in Amsterdam has become the latest non-U.S. media organization to highlight the struggles that overseas-resident Americans – "accidental or otherwise", as it says in its headline – are having, in dealing with the U.S. tax evasion-prevention law known as FATCA. 

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ACA: 'TIGTA report on FATCA is further proof that Congressional hearings are needed now'

A major new U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released last week, detailing what it says are a number of shortcomings in the way the IRS has overseen compliance with FATCA since it was introduced in 2010, is the latest in a growing body of evidence of the need for Congressional hearings to be held into some of the taxation and citizenship issues America's expats are currently struggling with.

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