'HELP! I received my third stimulus payment check abroad. How can I cash it?'

While some expatriate Americans have been receiving and depositing or cashing their U.S. Economic Impact Payments without a problem, others continue to struggle. 

Here, U.S.-based Marina Hernandez – founder of MHTax, a tax advisory firm, and an investment adviser with Dynamic Wealth Advisors/Swiss American Wealth Advisors, who also writes a tax education blog called The Crossborder Planner – explains what those who are still struggling might do to move things along... 

A Reader Asks: 'I renounced in 2019, but I got a CARES Act payment anyway. What should I do?'

One of those stories quietly running in the background of the Covid-19 pandemic has been that of the American expats who have struggled to obtain the so-called CARES Act stimulus payments they're supposed to be receiving – even as people who aren't U.S. citizens, and therefore shouldn't be receiving them, have been.

One such person is a former American whom we'll call Franz, who lives in Switzerland, and who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2019...but received a check anyway...

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Comment: Second Covid-19 Economic Impact Payments – What U.S. expats need to know

After initially refusing to sign a long-awaited second coronavirus relief package, which had managed to eventually make it through both houses of Congress – on the grounds that it didn't offer America's out-of-pocket taxpayers enough – President Trump finally signed it into law on Sunday evening. 

Here, U.S.-based, U.S. expat tax specialist Marina Hernandez, founder and principal of Crossborder Planner, explains what American expats need to know about the legislation... 

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