'After a 20-year relationship, I'm giving up on Mexico'

A retired dentist from Fort Worth, Texas, Kenneth Karger fell in love with Mexico two decades ago, as did his family. Here, in a first-person article addressed in part to Mexico herself, and republished with permission from the MexicoNewsDaily.com website, where it first appeared, Dr. Karger explains how he finally realized it was time to go.

As he explains, at a certain point, you realize you've had enough with invasions of your property by thugs, cartel impunity, untrustworthy banks and incompetence at the top – no matter how gorgeous the countryside, or amazing the people who live there are...

U.S. ambassador to Americans resident in Mexico: consider going home

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico has urged U.S. citizens who are resident in the country to "think long and hard" about the possibility of returning to the U.S. in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Ambassador Christopher Landau made his call in a YouTube video posted on the Embassy's website last Friday, and reinforced it on Tuesday afternoon Mexico time, in what was billed as a "virtual town hall for American Citizens in Mexico", to which residents and others were invited to submit questions in advance (See photo, above)... 

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Growing FATCA, CRS scrutiny on wealth ownership, transfers between Israel, U.S. and LatAm: Report

Growing global enforcement of two major anti-tax-evasion regulations – America's Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and the OECD's almost-identical Common Reporting Standard – has begun to impact financial institutions and their clients in Mexico and LatAm generally who also have ties to Israel and, in some cases, the U.S., the Jerusalem Post newspaper  has reported. 

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