Opponents of U.S. 'extraterritorial taxation' flag up Canada plan to tax U.S. owners of Canadian homes

American expatriate campaigners against the U.S. system of citizenship-based taxation, which enables the U.S. to tax Americans who live in other countries – often as tax-paying dual citizens of these other countries – are calling attention to a campaign by a New York State congressman who is calling for the U.S. to retaliate against a planned tax by Canada on American residents who own Canadian properties.

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SEAT survey finds expats suffering from impact of U.S. 'extraterritorial taxation'

Americans resident outside of the U.S. say they are having to "refrain from making certain investments" owing to the "penalizing" U.S. tax it would incur; missing out on overseas business and employment opportunities because of their U.S. tax obligations; and suffering from tax-induced "personal stress" as a result of the way their home country continues to tax them, even though they live abroad, according to some of the just-released findings of a major survey carried out towards the end of last year by SEAT, a Paris-based advocacy organization. 

SEAT reminder: 'April 7 is deadline for you to tell Senate Finance C'ttee how well U.S. int'l tax regime works for you'

As we reported here last week, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a hearing last month on “How U.S. International Tax Policy Impacts American Workers, Jobs, and Investment." Many in the American expatriate community felt that the hearing focused almost exclusively on major U.S. corporations, with no mention made at all of America's 7 million to 9 million tax-paying expats, let alone the tax issues many of them struggle with...

SEAT, to American expats: 'Tell Senate Finance C'ttee how U.S. int'l taxation regime affects you now'

Last Thursday (March 25), the U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on “How U.S. International Tax Policy Impacts American Workers, Jobs, and Investment."

We, at Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation, believe the hearing revealed a concerning lack of awareness on the part of many, if not most, top U.S. lawmakers about how a significant proportion of America's expatriate community actually lives, files U.S. tax returns, and when required, pays taxes to the U.S...

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AXFNJ Podcast: What Americans abroad ('mini-multinationals') are to make of last week's Senate Finance C'ttee hearing

"How U.S. international tax policy impacts American workers, jobs, and investment" may have been the official title of last week's Senate Finance Committee hearing, but according to John Richardson, Toronto-based lawyer and regular commentator on the ever-evolving American expat tax and citizenship regime, "that title had almost nothing to do with what actually transpired" during the two-and-a-half hour event.

Even though, he adds, it should have...

Recruitment for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel's only expat rep seat to begin shortly

American citizens who are resident overseas, and who would like a chance to make the American Internal Revenue Service better and more accountable to taxpayers, may wish to consider applying for the soon-to-be-vacated only international seat on the IRS's Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, currently held by suburban Paris-based Laura Snyder.

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New anti-extraterritorial taxation expat organization forms; launches survey

Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation, or SEAT, is the name of a new education and advocacy organization that's been formed by a half a dozen individuals who are already well known in the community of Americans living overseas.

As part of its launch, the international not-for-profit group, which is based in France and headed by lawyer and Taxpayer Advocacy Panel member Dr. Laura Snyder, is unveiling a survey it says is "aimed at learning more about how persons living outside the United States experience the extraterritorial application of U.S. taxation and banking policies".

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