Response from UK's Boris Johnson to MP enquiring on behalf of 'accidental' constituent

Preet Kaur Gill, the British Labour Party member of Parliament who formally wrote to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last month on behalf of one of her U.S.-born-but-British constituents to enquire as to his plans with respect to standing up for so-called "accidental Americans" living in Britain, has received a one-page, five-paragraph letter of response, from Treasury minister Jesse Norman, the American Expat Financial News Journal has learned.  

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Nine additional speakers added to DAUK Tax Day line-up

Nine additional speakers – including American Citizens Abroad's legal counsel Charles Bruce, Dunhill Financial's Brian Dunhill, and Waverton Investment Management director Andrew Vaughan-Payne – have been added to the line-up for the Democrats Abroad U.K.'s  first-ever "Tax Day" next month.

Dutch tax minister: U.S. won't take immediate action against banks over FATCA info shortcomings

Dutch tax minister Menno Snel has said that his country's banks and financial institutions should not feel a need to panic over those of their so-called "accidental American" account-holders who lack U.S. Social Security numbers and other key data soon to be required by the U.S. tax authorities, as he has been assured that any repercussions for failing to comply with the regulations in question could be delayed by as long as several years.

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AAA's Fabien Lehagre says new IRS program 'doesn't go far enough'

AAA's Fabien Lehagre says new IRS program 'doesn't go far enough'

For the past four years, U.S. born, France-resident and French-speaking Fabien Lehagre has been fighting a tireless and increasingly hard-to-miss battle on behalf of all of France's and Europe's "accidental...