London-based entertainment industry specialists Skeet Kaye Hopkins joins Focus Financial, via GR&F

Skeet Kaye Hopkins, a London-based provider of a range of services to high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients in the entertainment industry, has agreed a merger with a Los Angeles-based multi-family office and business management firm, Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, and in so doing expands the international footprint of New York's Focus Financial Partners Inc., the fast-growing wealth management partnership.

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U.S. finally publishes final 2018 renunciation data

The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday finally published the names of the 687 people who officially "chose to expatriate" during the fourth quarter of 2018, amid questions from some expat lobbying groups as to why the figure was lower than they had been expecting.

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Rising rents in Dublin shine spotlight on alternative European financial centers, as Brexit talks struggle on

American financial services executives currently living in London, who have been told they're being transferred to their company's outpost in Dublin in response to the UK's planned departure from the European Union, this week have received some unwelcome news: Ireland's capital city has just entered the top five most expensive locations in Europe in which to rent a property, according to new research.

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UK (again) vows crackdown on offshore tax evaders, in spring statement

In what has become a regular promise of British chancellors over the past decade, UK Chancellor Philip Hammond on Wednesday vowed that the British government intends to come after those who see to evade or avoid their tax obligations through the use of offshore and cross-border means.

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UK turns down U.S.-born Brit's FATCA FOI request, after Canada, Oz obliged their citizens

UK officials have twice turned down a Freedom of Information request filed by a U.S. born British citizen who was interested in knowing the “extent of…the annual disclosure of British taxpayer information to the US Internal Revenue Service, as per FATCA’s requirements" – even though similar requests to the Canadian and Australian governments were recently granted, The American Expat Financial News Journal has learned.

U.S. Treasury finally cuts expat small-biz owners some GILTI slack

Campaigners for fairer treatment for American citizens abroad are claiming a victory this morning, as news emerged that the U.S. Treasury had finally cut owners of small businesses located abroad some slack yesterday, by enabling such individuals to choose to be treated like a corporation for tax purposes, and thus reduce their tax burden.

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'Dangerous liaisons': Foreign assets and their U.S. taxpayer nominees

'Dangerous liaisons': Foreign assets and their U.S. taxpayer nominees

For various reasons, people, including those with U.S. tax obligations,  have long taken advantage of the option to use so-called "nominees" to hold legal title to some of their non-U.S...