EU Parliamentarian in 't Veld in effort to nudge EU Commission into action over 'Accidentals'

European Parliamentarian Sophie in 't Veld, a champion of Europe's accidental Americans for the last several years, has posted a written question to the European Commission, in an effort to nudge the organization into action on the matter of the difficulties Europe's "accidentals" are continuing to struggle with, particularly with respect to maintaining their bank accounts.

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IRS adds languages, digital-signing capability to key forms

As part of what it says is an "effort to reach under-served communities", the Internal Revenue Service is beginning to provide "information and assistance" to taxpayers in languages other than just English, as well as making certain key documents, such as the basic 1040 tax return form, available in Spanish.

The U.S. tax collecting agency has also added six forms to the 10 it has already said it would temporarily allow taxpayers to sign digitally, in a measure it said was aimed at helping to protect the health of taxpayers and tax professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Lucifer’s Banker’ Birkenfeld back Sept. 30, with ‘uncensored’ update of tell-all book

On the last page of his best-selling, 2016 saga of his journey from Geneva-based UBS banker to U.S. government whistle-blower, federal prisoner, and finally, recipient of a record-breaking US$104 million whistle-blower award from Uncle Sam, Brad Birkenfeld hinted that he might not be heading for a low-key early retirement in some glossy, upscale gated community anytime soon. Even though he could well afford it.

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Andersen Global adds outposts in Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis

Andersen Global, the San Francisco-based organization of legally-separate tax and legal services firms that evolved out of a part of the now-defunct Arthur Andersen accountancy firm, has added two more jurisdiction to its growing Caribbean portfolio of outposts, with the signing of "collaboration agreements" with St. Kitts and Nevis-based HazelAlleyne,  a full-service law firm located in Basseterre, St. Kitts, and Kingston, Jamaica-based Senior Accounting Services Ltd.

Tax Foundation: Joe Biden’s plan to address 'offshoring' comes with contradictions 

Last week, American voters – and business executives, onshore and abroad – finally got a look at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's thoughts about how he planned to change the way the U.S. taxes cross-border commerce, if he wins the election in November.

Here, Daniel Bunn, vice president of Global Projects at the Washington, DC-based Tax Foundation think tank, reveals certain contradictions and discrepancies he sees in the Biden draft tax plan... 

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Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Nov. 3, the date of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, is two weeks and one day away. Many expats will have voted by now, but for those who haven't –...