As AAA announces its new legal challenge to go ahead, expats echo its call for renunciation to be made easier

The Paris-based Association of Accidental Americans (AAA) has said that it has decided to go ahead with its latest complaint against the U.S. State Department, in an effort to force it to make it easier for dual citizens around the world who wish to give up their U.S. citizenships to be able to do so.

The AAA announcement came even as "Loss of Nationality services" in many U.S. embassies and consulates around the world continued to remain closed, due, these embassies and consulates say, to the Covid pandemic, and other factors.

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Germany's Kontist/Solarisbank reported to be latest to close its doors to its American account-holders

Berlin-based Solarisbank, which also does business as Kontist, has written to its American expat clients within the past two weeks to tell them that they must take their business elsewhere, because it cannot continue to look after American account-holders, according to an American expat resident in Germany, who told the American Expat Financial News Journal that they had received such a message in an email on Sept. 1.

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Forthcoming U.S. expat-focused tax and financial planning webinars, podcasts, and even an 'online Town Hall'

Now that it's September, businesses and organizations are beginning to once again sponsor events, such as online (and even live) seminars, webinars, online auctions and even, on Sept 20, an online "Americans Abroad Town Hall" for expatriate Americans around the world, (courtesy of Rep. Carolyn Maloney, co-founder and chair of the U.S. House of Representatives' Americans Abroad Caucus)...

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AARO's William Jordan: 'Twenty Years Since September 11, 2001'

William Jordan, president of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, remembers what happened on this day in 2001 in the U.S...

Twenty years ago, on a beautiful late summer morning on the East Coast of the U.S., two planes struck the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and another slammed into the Pentagon across the Potomac from the nation’s capital. A fourth crashed near Shanksville, PA, after passengers realized what had happened in New York and the Washington area and decided to sacrifice themselves rather than let their aircraft become the fourth missile in a deliberate attack on the United States, its people, and what they represented.

AXFNJ Podcast: John Richardson and Frost Law's Eli Noff consider the many little-known info reporting requirements expat taxpayers face

It's been eleven years (and a few months) since President Obama signed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act into law, which changed everything in terms of finances and taxes for American expats and U.S. Green Card holders around the world.

So at this point, most Americans who live abroad are at least aware, on some level, that they should be filing tax returns every year.

And yet, as Frost Law partner and chair of tax controversy Eli Noff tells AXFNJ podcast interviewer (and Toronto-based lawyer) John Richardson,

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AARO's Atkinson: 'Let's take advantage of this rare outreach by a member of Congress'

AARO's Atkinson: 'Let's take advantage of this rare outreach by a member of Congress'

This coming Monday, Carolyn Maloney, a New York City member of the House of Representatives who is co-founder and chair of the House's Americans Abroad Caucus, will be hosting an...