updated 9:15 PM CEST, Apr 7, 2020


American expat groups organize coronavirus 'Recovery Rebate' webinars

Aware that many American expats are likely to find the process by which they're expected to go about accessing the approximately US$1,200 they have been told they are probably entitled to receive as a result of the recently-announced Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), American expat groups have…
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U.S. ambassador to Americans resident in Mexico: consider going home

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico has urged U.S. citizens who are resident in the country to "think long and hard" about the possibility of returning to the U.S. in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic. Ambassador Christopher Landau made his call in a YouTube video posted on the Embassy's website…
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Experts mobilize to help U.S. expats access CARES Act 'Recovery Rebate'

A number of the best-known and most-visible American expat organizations have been mobilizing over the weekend to ensure American expats around the world understand their options for receiving a "Recovery Rebate" from the U.S. government, worth as much as US$1,200 per person, as a result of a US$2trn stimulus package…
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Bernie Sanders wins Democrats Abroad's Global Prez Primary

While former U.S. vice president Joe Biden has begun to strengthen his lead back in the States, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders comfortably won the Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary earlier this month, receiving 57.9% of the overseas vote and securing nine delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
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