updated 2:28 PM CEST, May 24, 2023

EY Frank Hirth hosting webinars on retirement tax-planning strategies for expats, and how to start and grow a UK biz

EY Frank Hirth, the London-based U.S./UK accountancy firm, is hosting two online webinars for expats next week, on "tax planning strategies for retirement" and "the UK and U.S. tax considerations and interactions when starting a UK business, and planning for growth".

Both webinars are part of what the firm calls its "Lifecycle" webinar series. 

The first of the webinars, on retirement tax-planning strategies, will take place next Tuesday (July 19), beginning at 12:30pm BST.

During this session, EY Frank Hirth partners Michael Lewis and Carol Hipwell, and EY Frank Hirth senior manager Claire White, will address such topics as the differing ways in which U.S. and UK plans provide tax relief to their beneficiaries; how the U.S./UK tax treaty impacts taxation; how one reports one's pension information on one's tax returns and information-reporting forms; and other frequently-asked questions about pension plan taxation.

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'Starting a business in the UK
and planning for its growth'

The second webinar, on starting a business in the UK, will take place next Thursday (July 21), also beginning at 12:30pm BST, and will feature EY Frank Hirth director Leigh Collins, EY Frank Hirth senior manager David Crabtree, and EY senior manager Emily Walton. 

The three EY Frank Hirth executives will review what an EY Frank Hirth outline of the event describes as the UK and U.S. tax considerations and interactions involved in starting a UK business and planning for its growth, if one happens to be an American. 

Specifically, they plan to look at how best to ensure that the initial set-up and structuring of the new business is as UK- and U.S.- tax-efficient as possible, and how the growth stage can best be funded, and remain tax compliant in both jurisdictions, the EY Frank Hirth outline says. 

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EY Frank Hirth itself began as a start-up chartered accountancy in London in 1975, when it was known as Frank Hirth & Co. It originally offered general accounting and tax services, but even then specialized in U.S. and UK tax compliance.

It was incorporated as a PLC in 2000, and in 2008, opened a New York City outpost, Frank Hirth LLC. It also maintained an office in Wellington, New Zealand.

The business was acquired by EY last year, and at that point adopted the EY Frank Hirth name.