updated 11:54 AM CEST, Sep 27, 2020

Greenback tax biz seeks expats' views on tax reform, citizenship taxation

Greenback Expat Tax Services, a tax advice business with offices in the U.S. and abroad, is inviting American expatriates around the world to share their views on the U.S. tax system, tax reform, citizenship-based taxation, Foreign Bank Account Reports, citizenship renunciation and related topics.

The Greenback 2019 U.S. Expat Opinion Survey is open until 15 May.

Company spokespeople say they are hoping to receive more responses than they did last year, when more than 3,800 individuals participated in their annual review. 

Greenback co-founder Carrie McKeegan said a consistent finding that has emerged from the previous editions of the annual survey has been the fact that "the majority of U.S. expats feel their interests are ignored by the U.S. government."

She added that a reason some individuals might consider taking the time to participate in the survey would be to ensure that their voices were included in data that would ultimately be used by individuals and organizations "best positioned to advocate on their behalf."

Said McKeegan: "Our focus has always been to protect and promote the interests of Americans living overseas.”

Greenback was founded in 2008, and today looks after more than 9,000 clients in some 214 countries and territories around the world, relying on the Internet to reach clients in jurisdictions in which it doesn't have a physical presence. 

To learn more about the Greenback survey, and/or to participate in it, click here.

To encourage participation, Greenback said it will choose one survey respondent from the total who participate to receive a US$1,000 Hotels.com gift card.