updated 2:11 PM CET, Oct 31, 2023

AARO seeks input from expats around the world on key issues, via online survey

The Association of Americans Resident Overseas, a Paris-based, volunteer-run advocacy organization, says it’s requesting “input” from Americans around the world “on the vital issues facing you as Americans overseas”.

William Jordan, the organization’s recently-named president, says the AARO plans to use the responses it gets from this survey “as a guide to our advocacy and our messaging” once the U.S. elections are over.

“AARO wants to start the process of educating newly- elected representatives, senators and U.S. administration officials of the special concerns Americans overseas have,” Jordan adds.

The questionnaire, which features some 57 questions, is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9GFJ58P , although Jordan stresses that answering them all is less important than answering those that the respondents care most deeply about. (There's a different response address for AARO members, which they are invited to get from the organization, if they've not been sent it already.) 

The deadline for those wishing to respond to do so is Oct. 31. 

Jordan says "feedback" of the kind this survey will yield is "essential" to an organization like AARO, "if we are to be truly able to speak out on behalf” of the American expatriate community.

Founded 47 years ago

The AARO was founded in 1973 by Phyllis Michaux and a group of other Americans resident in Paris, who were concerned about the way they thought (even then) that U.S. government treated its citizens abroad.

Today it claims to have members in some 46 countries around the world, and combines research into issues that significantly affect the lives of overseas Americans, and keeping its members informed of those issues, with advocating on behalf of its members on such issues as taxation, citizenship, Social Security and Medicare.