updated 2:28 PM CEST, May 24, 2023

'2021 Expats Virtual Financial Summit' concludes, after drawing more than 700 participants

The four-day "2021 Expats Virtual Financial Summit" wrapped up on Friday, having attracted more than 700 participants to its nine sessions, and was branded a success by spokespeople for the various companies that came together to put it on.

These included the American Expat Financial News Journal, the editor of which served as the event's moderator.

As reported, the Virtual Financial Summit was screened live online, beginning last Tuesday, and was made available to expats around the world free of charge.

Although the original plan was for the presentations to be posted at a single website afterwards, they are now being made available individually to those interested in viewing them, via the nine links published below. 

More than 700 viewers signed up to watch the presentations as they took place, the event's organizers said. The three presentations that attracted the most viewers – although all were close in terms of the level of their popularity – were Bright!Tax's Katelynn Minott, who addressed the "Tax Requirements and Strategies" American expats needed to know about in 2021; Dunhill Financial's Brian Dunhill's talk on the investment themes investors face in 2021; and Thun Financial's David Kuenzi, who considered the financial planning considerations and strategies Americans living abroad need to think about.

A sequel to the event is already being discussed, according to a one of the event's organizing team.

Presentations from the
2021 Expats Virtual Financial Summit

 International Destinations and Opportunities
Post-Covid, by Jeff Opdyke, The Savee Retiree


U.S. Tax Requirements and Strategies in 2021 for
Americans Overseas, by Katelynn Minott,
Bright!Tax US Expat Tax Services


Financial Planning Considerations and
Strategies for Americans Living Abroad,
by David Kuenzi, Thun Financial


Insurance Considerations and Options
for Expats, by David Tomkins,
Expat Financial Insurance


When Does it Make Sense for U.S. Expats
to Create a Corporation?, by Monte Silver,
Silver & Co Law


The Benefits of Retiring Abroad,
by Dan Prescher, International Living


Advocating for a Change from Citizenship
to Residence-Based Taxation in the U.S.:
An Update, by Charles Bruce and Marylouise
Serrato, American Citizens Abroad


Themes for Americans Abroad
Investing in 2021, by Brian Dunhill,
Dunhill Financial


To view a half-minute video about Dunhill Financial, which recently marked its tenth year anniversary and which was part of Dunhill's presentation, click here.  

An Overview of Democrats Abroad's Work
Supporting Americans Abroad, by
Rebecca Lammers, Democrats Abroad UK



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