updated 10:35 AM CET, Jan 26, 2022

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While some cities, countries and jurisdictions are beginning to relax their lockdown rules somewhat, travel bans and other restrictions continue to prevent many people from being able to meet up in anything like the way they would have in the days before the global Covid pandemic took hold last year...

So, as we've done a few times previously since then, we're posting in our news section a selection of events from our regular "Listings" page (www.americanexpatfinance.com/news/item), to help some of these online event sponsors and their audiences to find each other – especially now, as tax reporting season trundles on, and the latest round of CARES Act stimulus checks are arriving in expat mailboxes...

Wednesday, May 19: Dunhill Financial and Black Swan Capital executives join Shannon Meyer (virtually) to discuss 'topics concerning American expats residing in the Netherlands'; 2:30pm - 3:30pm BST

Brian Dunhill, the American founder of American expat wealth specialists Dunhill Financial, will be joined by Black Swan Capital chief executive David Bellingham, an international financial advice specialist, Certfied Financial Planner and CISI member; Black Swan Capital director of advice and Netherlands general manager Edward Mainwaring-Burton; and Shannon Meyer, a CPA with 22 years of experience in advising U.S. citizens resident abroad as well as foreign nationals on cross-border taxation issues.

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Thursday, May 27: 90-minute-plus online training session: 'Moving Abroad: Tax Impact on Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and Their (Often Overlooked) Employers; 7pm Dubai time  

Virginia La Torre Jeker, a Dubai-based U.S. expat tax law practitioner and well-known blogger on American tax issues, will hold a live, 90-minute Zoom-enabled online training session for tax professionals as well as ordinary individuals and wealth managers who are interested in known more about the U.S. tax issues that arise whenever Americans relocate abroad. Joining her in the presentation will be Jimmy Sexton, another expert on American cross-border/international tax issues, who is also based in Dubai, and who has conducted such online sessions previously with La Torre Jeker.

The topic of this session is described as being a response to what is seen as a growing interest by many U.S. professionals in "moving, or considering it," in response to the changes and predicted changes taking place in the workplace and and tax environments of many Americans as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, that are seen as making the life of the "digital nomad" seem worth exploring. 

Among the topics La Torre Jeker says she and Sexton plan to cover in their webinar are "the critical tax differences and treatment of being an 'employee' vrs. 'self-employed'; the foreign earned income and housing exclusions (FEIE/FHE); how an individual's "tax home" is determined when they work out of numerous countries; "traps for the unwary"; what if any benefits acrue if one buys rather than rents one's overseas residence; how the physical presence of an employee in a foreign country "can cause the employer-company to be dragged into that country’s tax net."

Tickets to attend the 90-minute session, which will be followed by half an hour of Q&A, are set at US$185 each, and won't be available after the event starts. The maximum number of participants is being set at 100.

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