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Latest tax and financial planning webinars, podcasts & events on offer

Latest tax and financial planning webinars, podcasts & events on offer Gerd Altmann

As the 2021 tax reporting season trundles along in Expatland, we decided to highlight some of the events taking place – mostly online, still, owing to the Covid pandemic – that are aimed at U.S. expats... 

Wednesday, March 16: (2:30pm – 3:30pm GMT):  Free Dunhill Financial Zoom webinar on "the unique set of tax and investment challenges that U.S. expats in the UK face," featuring a panel of speakers, including Nathan Prior, partner and head of international at London-based Partners Wealth Management, and Helena Turner, director, Tax & Business Development at Trowbridge International. The webinar will be hosted by London-based Dunhill Financial founder and chief executive Brian Dunhill.

Among the topics this webinar is expected to address will be how expats resident in the UK can go about making IRA, SIPP and ISA contributions; How U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are taxed in the UK; whether 529 plans -- a type of U.S.-tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs -- can be beneficial for Americans resident in the UK; What PFICs are; how the foreign earned income exclusion works; and what, if any, changes lie on the horizon for those with U.S. and UK tax obligations. 

Further information on the event may be found by clicking here; to register to participate, click here. (You’ll receive a confirmation email, with further information about joining the meeting.)

To view a selection of previous Dunhill events that may still be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel, click here.

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