updated 5:13 PM CEST, May 23, 2022


U.S. responds to Monte Silver's Transition Tax challenge

The U.S. government has cited a number of issues, including various federal regulations having to do with such things as "standing" and "unlawful disclosure of a tax return", in its official response to Israel-based U.S. tax attorney Monte Silver's latest legal challenge to President Trump's Transition Tax regulations, according to…
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SEC charges 16 in US$194 million, int'l ‘pump and dump’ penny stock schemes

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has unveiled charges against 16 defendants – located in the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Monaco, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom – whom it says had been party to "multi-year fraudulent penny stock schemes that generated more than US$194 million…
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Dutch news website picks up on anti-FATCA feeling in Europe

An English-language news website based in Amsterdam has become the latest non-U.S. media organization to highlight the struggles that overseas-resident Americans – "accidental or otherwise", as it says in its headline – are having, in dealing with the U.S. tax evasion-prevention law known as FATCA. 
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U.S. TIGTA report finds 'actions needed' to fix FATCA compliance

A major report detailing what are said to be the compliance shortcomings of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, just made public within the past 24 hours by the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, has sparked interest and concern among FATCA-watchers around the world, including American expatriates and…
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