updated 11:47 PM CET, Feb 24, 2020


Andersen Global hits '50-country' milestone as it adds Zambia outpost

Andersen Global, the international association founded almost six years ago by San Francisco-based Andersen Tax LLC, said it has hit a major milestone in its ongoing global expansion campaign, with the signing up of a law firm in Zambia as its newest official Andersen "collaborating firm."
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‘Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad’ discussion set for May 8 in Athens

Republicans Overseas vice chairman and chief executive Solomon Yue and Toronto-based lawyer and citizenship expert John Richardson will bring their ‘Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad’ roadshow to Athens next week, as part of ongoing efforts aimed at boosting awareness and support among American expats in Greece for proposed legislation bearing…
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Some tax quotations the IRS missed...

The IRS's collection of 15 tax quotations, wonderful as it is – as we noted yesterday – does miss a few classics that rank highly in our own collection. There's Benjamin Franklin’s quote, for one thing, which is probably among the world's best-known tax quotations of all: “In this world…
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Revealed: IRS’s sense of humor

As the countdown  continues to Tax Day in the U.S., on Monday, we thought it would be a good time to call attention to a rather quirky collection of tax quotations that we stumbled on, buried deep inside the IRS’s website. Yup. For all its unflinching greediness, which seems to…

Accidental Americans' latest: Dutch EU parliamentarian writes to Moscovici

European Parliamentarian Sophie in 't Veld has called on French politician Pierre Moscovici to ensure that the European Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs – which he heads up – “starts taking [the problems that Accidental Americans are facing in Europe because of FATCA] seriously,” and “stops hiding behind excuses."
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