updated 2:57 PM CEST, Sep 21, 2023


U.S. TIGTA report finds 'actions needed' to fix FATCA compliance

A major report detailing what are said to be the compliance shortcomings of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, just made public within the past 24 hours by the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, has sparked interest and concern among FATCA-watchers around the world, including American expatriates and…
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ProPublica's 'Billionaire Playbook' online event this evening

ProPublica, the New York-based, non-profit investigative media organization that last year published a series of investigative articles exposing certain under-the-radar ways some wealthy individuals have been using in recent years to avoid having to pay taxes, is this evening hosting an online "virtual event" entitled "The Bllionaire Playbook", which it says…
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IRS Commissioner Rettig says he supports 'reciprocal FATCA'

A brief statement by IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig yesterday, in support of the idea of the U.S. "reciprocating" with respect to the information it currently receives from foreign governments about the overseas bank and financial accounts of U.S. taxpayers – as a result of a 2010 law known as the Foreign Account…
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'Thun Financial' branding replaced...as of today

Thun Financial, the Madison, Wisconsin-based wealth manager for U.S. expats that was acquired in 2020 by Creative Planning  – one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in the U.S.  – is to adopt the Creative Planning name, but with the addition of the word "International" at the end, to…
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London's Tilney Smith & Williamson names Sarjul Patel to U.S./UK tax role

Tilney Smith & Williamson (TSW), a well-known London wealth manager that last October announced plans to introduce what it called "a new U.S./UK transatlantic tax team," has named Sarjul Patel to the newly-created role of U.S./UK Tax Director at the company, which is in the process of rebranding as Evelyn Partners.
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Eden Woon to succeed Tara Joseph at AmCham Hong Kong

Eden Woon, a U.S. citizen who is president of the Asian Institute of Technology (and who also happens to be fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese), will succeed Tara Joseph as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, AmCham HK has announced. The change will take place…
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