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Greenback tax biz seeks expats' views on tax reform, citizenship taxation

Greenback Expat Tax Services, a tax advice business with offices in the U.S. and abroad, is inviting American expatriates around the world to share their views on the U.S. tax system, tax reform, citizenship-based taxation, Foreign Bank Account Reports, citizenship renunciation and related topics.

Citizenship-based taxation debate to air on YouTube

Two citizenship experts will debate the merits of citizenship-based tax regimes this Friday, in what is being billed as a “YouTube Live Stream event,” sponsored by a U.S.-based  tax industry news website.

Dems Abroad undertaking resi-based tax effort this month

The Democrats Abroad has unveiled plans to visit members of Congress for three days later this month, as part of its ongoing efforts to advocate for a switch to a residence-based tax regime from the U.S.’s current citizenship-based tax system.

Andersen Global hits '50-country' milestone as it adds Zambia outpost

Andersen Global, the international association founded almost six years ago by San Francisco-based Andersen Tax LLC, said it has hit a major milestone in its ongoing global expansion campaign, with the signing up of a law firm in Zambia as its newest official Andersen "collaborating firm."
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‘Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad’ discussion set for May 8 in Athens

Republicans Overseas vice chairman and chief executive Solomon Yue and Toronto-based lawyer and citizenship expert John Richardson will bring their ‘Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad’ roadshow to Athens next week, as part of ongoing efforts aimed at boosting awareness and support among American expats in Greece for proposed legislation bearing…
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