updated 7:00 PM CEST, Jul 2, 2022


OECD seeks input on a proposed 'tax transparency framework' for crypto-assets

In the latest sign that governments are looking for ways to boost the monitoring of the wealth transference taking place across the rapidly-growing, global cryptocurrency network, the OECD on Monday released a public consultation document that it says is aimed at informing cryptocurrency industry stakeholders of the plans, as well as…
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March 18, 2022: FATCA turns 12

Twelve years after President Obama signed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act into law – buried inside a domestic jobs bill known as the HIRE Act  – legal and political challenges targeting certain of its key provisions are continuing to progress, albeit slowly, in various "hot spots" around the world. And…
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Twelve years on: Just how well do you know your FATCA?

Without really meaning to, many American expatriates as well as tax industry experts, lawyers and others have become experts on the subject of FATCA over the past decade-plus that it's been around. So, as we did last year on this date, we thought it might be interesting to mark the…

Damian Barry joins MASECO Private Wealth as CIO

MASECO Private Wealth, the London-based wealth management firm which specializes in looking after high-net-worth American expats in the UK and Hong Kong, has named Damian Barry to the role of chief investment officer.
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