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AXFNJ webinar: How U.S. citizenship taxation has impacted one British lawyer, his family, and other countries' sovereignty

John Richardson's latest podcast guest is, like Prince Harry, a British citizen who fell in love with, and married, an American.  

Unlike the prince, however, "Peter", a retired solicitor, didn't return to his wife's country with her, but remained in the UK, where they had two children – who, of course, the U.S. also regarded as American citizens, because of their mother's place of birth...

Comment: Second Covid-19 Economic Impact Payments – What U.S. expats need to know

After initially refusing to sign a long-awaited second coronavirus relief package, which had managed to eventually make it through both houses of Congress – on the grounds that it didn't offer America's out-of-pocket taxpayers enough – President Trump finally signed it into law on Sunday evening. 

Here, U.S.-based, U.S. expat tax specialist Marina Hernandez, founder and principal of Crossborder Planner, explains what American expats need to know about the legislation... 

Bright!Tax comment: The candidates' tax plans, and their likely implications for expats

Nov. 3, the date of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, is two weeks and one day away. Many expats will have voted by now, but for those who haven't – or those who did, but who aren't all that sure of their chosen candidate's views on such issues as taxes that affect Americans who live outside of the U.S. – Bright!Tax managing partner Katelynn Minott assesses the options, and what the implications for expats of the two outcomes are likely to be...

Charles Schwab Market Commentary: Global impact of a 'Blue Wave' election outcome

Campaign proposals do not always result in legislation – this is one of the facts of life of American elections. That said, the Democratic Party has targed five key areas for change: Taxes, labor, the environment, oil, and trade. 

The potential change in U.S. political leadership, therefore, could well introduce more risk to earnings and market performance of U.S. stocks, and lead to a relative outperformance by comparison of international markets. 

Here, Jeffrey Kleintop, Senior Vice President and Chief Global Strategist for Charles Schwab & Co., considers the possible impacts a "Blue Wave" in the U.S. election could have on the economy, and markets.

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