updated 9:49 PM CEST, Jul 17, 2019

EVENTS: Tax and investing/financial planning webinars on offer for U.S. expats

On the 18th of November the Democrats Abroad UK will be hosting a webinar that it says will offer viewers "the basics of U.S. tax filing requirements" specifically aimed at Americans living abroad.

Those who wish to watch it later, on demand, may do so, by paying a small fee to obtain a link that will give them 30 days of unlimited access to the webinar, a DAUK spokesperson said. 

Also holding a webinar this month for U.S. expats will be Madison, Wisconsin-based expat advisory specialists Thun Financial. This will be an all Q&A-format event, on the subject of investing and financial planning for Americans living abroad around the world. All of Thun's team of financial advisers will be on hand during that event, on November 27, and "will field questions in their respective areas of expertise," according to Thun Financial.

Details of the two webinars are below.

Basics of U.S. tax filing requirements: DAUK

This Democrats Abroad UK webinar is being designed to educate Americans who are living abroad on their basic tax filing obligations, while at the same time providing information on the so-called "streamlined filing option"  for those who "need to catch up" on their U.S. tax filings, the expat arm of the Democrats living in Britain said.

The webinar will feature a number of U.K. based accountants who specialise in looking after U.S. citizens living in Britain. Among the questions they'll answer will be the amounts of income necessary to trigger a need to file; when the tax filing deadlines for American expats are; and the processes that exist for those who need to get caught up on their U.S. tax filing obligations. Scheduled speakers will include Grant Thornton UK tax manager Anastasia Tchoumak, and British American Tax managing director Liz Zitzow. 

Rebecca Lammers, chairperson of the DAUK's tax committee, will host the event. 

The webinar will begin at 6pm GMT, with a presentation by the scheduled speakers, which will be followed at 7pm by a Q&A session. Participants are invited to email their questions to the webinar's organizers in advance (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). The webinar will end at 7:30pm.

The DAUK stresses that the views expressed by the webinar's scheduled speakers will represent those of the respective individuals and their companies and that it assumes no   liability for any errors or omissions expressed about matters of tax in any country, or the financial planning and or legal obligations of those who sign up to and watch and/or participate in the webinar.

Those interested in watching the webinar, which is £5 to £10 per registration, may sign up by clicking here. 

Q&A on U.S. expat financial planning: Thun Financial 

On Nov. 27, Thun Financial Advisors LLC, a Madison, Wisconsin-based advisory firm which specializes in looking after American expats, will host its first-ever webinar "completely devoted to individual expats' questions about investing and financial planning while living abroad".

The webinar will be filmed at the company's offices in Madison, where the questions to be answered will be compiled in advance of the broadcast from submissions sent via email by prospective viewers. Questions submitted during the webinar may also be answered, time permitting, the company said.

Thun Financial said it had chosen the Q&A-only structure because its feedback from previous webinars had consistently shown that the Q&A element was regarded as "among the most useful aspects" of these events.

Among the topics it suggested viewers might wish to submit questions on were year-end expat financial planning and tax strategy do's and don'ts; U.S. and foreign treatment of IRAs, 401ks and other US retirement accounts while abroad; asset allocation while living abroad; saving for retirement, or for one's children's education, while abroad; the best types of investments to hold while abroad; how and what kind of life insurance to buy while abroad; and country-specific issues. 

The Thun Financial Q&A webinar will take place at 1pm GMT. This means that individuals in Chicago who might be interested in seeing it would have to tune in at 7am; those in New York would see it at 8am; and those in  São Paulo would see it at 11am.

Viewers in the following cities would see it at the following times: Zurich, at 2pm; Moscow at 4pm; the United Arab Emirates, 5pm; Singapore, 9pm; Tokyo, 10pm; and in Sydney, at midnight. 

Those wishing to submit one or more questions should email them to Thun adviser Sylvain Michelin at  syl.michelin@thunfinancial.com.

To register for the Thun Financial webinar, click here.